With a presence and reliable partners in all the major trade hubs of the world including but not limited to:

Miami, New York, Houston, Panama, Jebel Ali, Hong Kong, Singapore, Busan, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Hamburg, Koper, Kingston, Montevideo, Lagos.

We are very well situated to offer solutions

Established in 1989 trading in commodities futures and options, Gennessy Holdings LLC has now grown into a major trading and consulting with expertise in the import and export trade of various commodities.

​With well-established networks of clients and logistics capabilities, we have the solutions for all aspects of the physical trade and shipments.

for any eventuality and for all projects, big and small, straight-forward and complicated.

With an entrenched knowledge center and

professional and ethical personnel in each and every aspect of the project, our solutions are well researched and executable at a lower cost and a faster time frame.

strategic trade Consulting